About us

About us

Shannonside Aviation is a specialist in Component management Contracts.

What makes Shannonside Aviation different ?


For many of our competitors the core business is operating workshops and maintenance hangars. They offer management services as just one minor element of their operation.

What is the relevance of this distinction?

The answer is the service standards, which can be achieved by an organisation committed only to providing you with the components support you need. Because it is independent of any maintenance facility or airline, Shannonside Aviation has only one focus for its operation; delivering the most responsive service available in the industry.

Shannonside Aviation can provide a full and total support programme.

Our programme includes the following:

  • Rotable Package on Customer site.
  • Repair and overhaul Management.
  • Exchange Programme.
  • Consumable /D Expendable package on customer site.
  • Customised Package by Section or ATA Chapter.
  • APU Support.

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